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I'm:Anastasia Ireland -pen name-, 36
From:Rochester, New York, United States
Personal Information
Star sign:Leo
Physical Information
Body type:Average
Height:4 ft 11 in (150 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Green
About Me
Going forward I will not accept friend requests from anyone that doesn't say hello and talk to me first; and if you try to add me before talking to me you might be blocked.

About me.
My name isn't really Anastasia Ireland. This is the name i have chosen for my pen name. Anastasia means resurrection, I have felt reborn as I've restarted my writing. Ireland is to pay homage to my ancestors.

I am taken, however, I have a higher libido than that of my husband, I am primarily here to post stories and share ideas. I like meeting new people and talking, but be respectful, or be prepared to be blocked.

I tend to be more submissive, but don't get it twisted ladies and gents I am not a doormat.

If you add me and don't talk to me know that you will be deleted.

If I don't respond it means 1 of 2 things i'm either not interested or I haven't the time to respond.

If you YELL at me (write in all caps) I will not respond.

Things I'm not into: pissing, ass to mouth, feet (don't like touching them don't like mine touched), i'm sure theres more stuff, but this is all I can think of right now.

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
97% Primal (Prey)
96% Exhibitionist
96% Submissive
96% Non-monogamist
95% Voyeur
95% Rope bunny
86% Experimentalist
86% Brat
78% Ageplayer
73% Girl/Boy
68% Degradee
67% Masochist
48% Slave
42% Switch
33% Vanilla
25% Sadist
22% Pet
20% Rigger
19% Primal (Hunter)
16% Daddy/Mommy
10% Dominant
10% Master/Mistress
9% Degrader
6% Brat tamer
5% Owner

By us becoming friends, you and I agree that our
profiles, photos, videos, stories, and chats are
confidential between the two of us, and will not
be shared with anyone or any agency for any purpose.

It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well
All institutions using this site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action.
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6 days ago
@status: Ain't that the truth. But to quote a famous Irish songwriter..
"I used to be disgusted...... now I try to be amused..."
1 month ago
Hot stories.
1 month ago
Looking forward to chatting with you and reading your stories.
1 month ago
Thanks for the add :) keep up the great stories
1 month ago
Oh ill lick all over your body. I know your weakness an i plan on pushing till you hit 100% baby. Till I have you whimpering under me. Till your cum coats my cock.
1 month ago
Girl when I break you off
I promise that you want to get off! Haha great song
1 month ago
Subscribed....I'll force myself to take my time with your stories . Wonderfully vivid work so far.
1 month ago
Great story , your words painted a great picture
1 month ago
i just read one of your story's and it is one of the best i have read lately. i wish it was not time for me to go to work i would read more now.but i will read more later . i would like to be friends . great story i will read more!!!!!! thanks
1 month ago
Hello, loved your last story, now I need to read the rest. Hope your are staying warm
1 month ago
hello irishqt1980, how are you?
you certainly have a way with words, the Caleb & Samantha story was fantastic, I am very much looking forward to reading part 2.
1 month ago
Caleb and Samantha story is a great start so much can happen
1 month ago
already have one like that. working on a couple more.
1 month ago
Loved your Caleb and Samantha story. It was an excellent, erotic read. How about one with Dad and step daughter. I can provide some ideas based on my own experience.. Thoughts?
1 month ago
Really enjoy your stories! Thank you for taking the time to write and share your thoughts. Hope you write some more soon.
1 month ago
cute profile pic;)
1 month ago
Your profile is straightforward. I'm going back to your first post and read. I'm sure I'll be excited.
1 month ago
OMG your stories are so awesome hope you dont mind the invite, and thanks for sharing
1 month ago
Like reading your stories, they are hit and so arousing, thanks for posting
1 month ago
I like your stories!
1 month ago
*sigh* yet again it is necessary for me to say that I will not accept friend requests from anyone who doesn't make the attempt to talk to me first. and fyi a cheesy pick up line, or telling me what you'd do to me is not the way to get me to respond. be imaginative, but be respectful.
1 month ago
great blog
1 month ago
love your latest story hope there are more parts
1 month ago
Love your profile and Hi from me.
2 months ago
2 months ago
Hi Anastasia!
2 months ago
Hey there. How was your holiday? Hope we can pm more. I miss you :)
2 months ago
happy holidays A.I.
2 months ago
merry christmas
2 months ago
Mmmmm....sounds delish

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