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Brett and Tammy said "No Touching..."

Their ad read “WM to watch us, no touching, you can masturbate, but respect boundaries”

Since I could not find a couple to play with, I thought this was the next best thing. I sent them my stats and photo and arranged to meet them Saturday afternoon. They are and attractive couple about 15 years younger than me. Their names are Brett and Tammy.

When I arrived, we had a drink on the back patio to get acquainted then headed into the bedroom. They started kissing but seemed not to know how to get started so I said, “Why don't we all remove our clothing.”

I saw them both ... Continue»
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The Promotion Part 1

“Faith!” someone called from behind where she knelt stacking shelves. She turned to see Mel approaching, looking a little concerned. “Martin wants you in his office, I’ll finish that.”
“Any idea what he wants?” Faith asked. She ran a hand through her long dark hair, some of which had escaped from her bobble.
“Besides trying to get a look down your blouse you mean?” Mel replied, a wry look on her pretty face. “Nah, he didn’t say. He just told me to take over from you and send you to his office.”
“Fuck sake…” Faith sighed. What had she done now? Martin was the store manager, a chubby little p... Continue»
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The Promotion Part 2

Saturday came around soon enough. Faith’s trial promotion had been announced to the other staff and on the whole had been welcomed. Still, it felt strange to be giving the orders to her former colleagues.
“Mel, could you restock aisle two,” she instructed the tall, pretty blonde. “There’s a few things needed.”
Mel rolled her eyes and sighed exaggeratedly. “Blimey, first day as the boss and already throwing her weight around…”
“Just do as I say, minion!” Faith said, equally playing it up. Mel laughed and headed off to do what she’d been told.
At that moment, Martin’s voice came over the PA ... Continue»
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Weekend with Mr. Scott

We went inside and he offered me a beer,I said yes please. He came back and handed it to me. I told him I missed him, he said me too.He said we should go swimming and relax in the sun,I smiled and said good idea. I headed to the bathroom and stripped down. Coming back he hugged ment and reached down and cupped my dick and balls. I missed you the most to them.I smiled and said they missed you too. We went outside and he dove in the pool, I finished my beer and dove in and swam up next to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight.He pushed his hips forward and rocked, I follow... Continue»
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Trip of a lifetime

I moved north when I was 22 (40 years ago )and every other weekend or so I would catch a coach back down to London to see my girlfriend and my f****y.
One hot summers afternoon I boarded the coach coming back north and sat towards the back. It wasn't busy, in fact out of maybe 50 seats there were no more than 15 people aboard. Opposite me and slightly in front were an older could probably late 50's early 60's. He was sat by the window and she was sitting in the aisle seat and were the only people towards the back of the coach.
It was a long hot journey and I couldn't help but notice ... Continue»
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162 First Atonement.

162 First Atonement.
This story is made in combination with the lady concerned, nothing has been changed, that’s why its longer than most I do. but it`s all perfectly true. enjoy
Oh… Yes I remember it well in fact its etched on my mind…
In my murky past I had something that I felt very guilty about, I am not going into detail, in fact there were a few things that I felt this all-consuming guilt about. I had over the years had a failed-marriage, with a husband who was well into BDSM, scene which I had enjoyed before and shared the joy in it with him. I had found that lifestyle rewarding... Continue»
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Going to Mr. Johnson's

It has been a couple of days, and mom had to go to work. She kissed me goodbye. I went to school and she headed to her job.
When school ended I went straight to Mr. Johnson. He answered the door and asked me what I needed, thinking he forgot about what he said I asked if he could help me with my math since mom was at work. He said sure come on in. He guided me to the dining table and I took out the math book and notebook. We worked on it for about thirty minutes and he asked if I needed a break. I said sure.He went to the fridge and came back with two bottles of coke. He sat and moved his ... Continue»
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My Posh Landlady

I was asked to work away from home a few years back. Two weeks turned into 7 months, and the company expense account was starting to take a hammering. So my quick thinking PA found me a room to rent over a garage of a nice country house.
Things at home were pretty shitty. My wife was having an affair with my best friend, I was convinced of this, and proved right later. I worked like a dog all day, then wanked myself silly to get to sl**p. That basically was my life. I had got addicted to Phentermine diet pills, and gi. So my food bills were negligible, but one of the side effects was I was c... Continue»
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Rebecca and Marilyn (A Lesbian Tale)

Rebecca and Marilyn (A Lesbian Tale)

From the 27th floor window of her office, Rebecca looked out over the city. She could even see the airport and the bridge. She was having a slack day. Her rushes were seasonal. Fashion was like that, at least her part of fashion. It was nearly lunch time and she was hungry. As Regional Director, she was top dog in the branch. She could come and go as she pleased. She was mid-forties, an attractive brunette and single, which in that industry meant lesbian.
She slipped her light spring coat over her dark green business suit.
“I’ll be awhile”, she simp... Continue»
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The Prostitute

"Who the fuck is that!" a young man exclaimed as a thick, mature, matronly voluptuous woman took the stage.
She was 5' 3", about 180 lbs, small oval face with big almond eyes, well shaped brows, small perfect nose and full lips. Her tits were massive, almost 38G and rippled freely under the shimmering white tube top that was several sizes too small. She had 2 rolls of fat around her belly visible only when she bent lower but otherwise she was taught and firm.
It was her humongous ass that caught everybody's attention. Almost 60" around, each buttock was firm yet supple and moved with the b... Continue»
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The older the better

I had just graduated from high school and have always had a crush on older teacher with heels stockings and skirts. I would fantasize about having to stay after school with the teacher and not being able to control my urges and whipping my hard dick out for her and letting her know that she can have it and making this a regular fuck session. It never happened but when I graduated my thirst for older women have grown and being 18 I was legal to do what I like. So I went on some dating apps and set my preferences to 40-99. From there I started seeing a lot of people nearby me. So I started typin... Continue»
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wifes story

My husband Gene has told me since about the time we were married that he would like to see another man making love to me. I always felt a little betrayed but over the many years and 3 sons, I began to ignore it and eventually realize it was only a fantasy. This is my version of the story he wrote.
I was working at the hospital one evening and it was a bitchy night. One of the other secretaries suggested we stop for a quick drink to take off the tension, so Jamie, Kim and I went to a bar that Jamie knew of near our hospital. Jamie is a redhead and Gene says she has a great body and it is rumor... Continue»
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We pull up in the car park by the reservoir, it's ten at night and everything seems really quiet. It's a hot night so I wind down the car windows to let in the moonlight.
We'd been out drinking, but I got the driving job so I was perfectly sober, but my wife had had plenty to drink and was no doubt feeling a little horny.
I put her hand on my lap as we kissed and without hesitation she had undone my flies and had my cock in her hand, starting to slowly wank it. After a few strokes I was really hard and I pulled down my trousers, dropping them in the foot well. She leaned over and ki... Continue»
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the tax adviser

I married my wife Gina when we both were in our fifties. Before we both had other partners and lived, as we thought, in a more or less happy relationship.
Gina was running a shop and was already divorced from her husband when I first met her. One day I entered her shop and was flabbergasted when I saw her. The way she was dressed (full fashioned) and the way she moved was amazing.
I went to the shop a couple of times and after a while we went out for dinner one night. The waiter in the Italian restaurant stared at her, could not get his eyes from her breasts, which she presented very well in... Continue»
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Close Encounters Of Olden Times: 2. The Girl, Her

Unusual female phenomenon with chills, spills, action, and thrills.

!. I met a girl, her female friend, and her b*****r one night at a house party that a friend from work was hosting (quite a nice party I'll add). Of the two women I took to conversing with, I was more attracted to the girl who didn't bring her b*****r with her., but, as always happens, the girl that I found more appealing to me wasn't interested, and, of course, the girl with the b*****r sidekick was super into me. I was neither rejecting nor reciprocating her amorous advances she showed upon me, I reciprocated only enoug... Continue»
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Card Game

I'm a late forties married milf with an overactive sex drive. I have a job that takes me out of town some with overnight travel. That's my playtime. I had been playing some online card games for a few years on a site where you can chat with other players during the games. I'd been flirting with a man named Jerry for a couple of years. We'd always talked about what it would be like if I traveled to his town and the things we would do; flirtatious sexy talk. So when I found out I would be going to Jerry's town, which is Montgomery AL, on a work assignment, Jerry and I talked about getting togeth... Continue»
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Tony Didn't Fuck Her So I Did

This true story happened years ago. Let me first introduce my best friend Tony. I met my bud Tony while working at a grocery store, we we're both in our early twenties and horny studs. We hung out one night, had a few beers and soon became best friends. There were plenty of females around our age that worked in the large grocery store with us. It didn't take long for Tony and I to start flirting and eventually screwing around with these girls. Word spread fast between the girls about Tony and I screwing so and so. Tony and I were like two male lions that took over a pride of females. W... Continue»
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Camping with Joey and Mr. King 5

We ate lunch and talked about how much fun we were having. Joe said he was tired and went to take a nap. Mr. King asked me to come sit beside him. I came over and before I could sit he reached up and rubbed my dick. He said to sit on his lap and spread my legs. I said I didn't know if it would get hard. He asked why,I told him what Joe and I did. I said really, let's see if I can do a better job, and said to stand on his legs. I climbed up and held his shoulders. He rubbed his face on either side of my dick, then he licked it all over. My dick started to grow and he opened his mouth and closed... Continue»
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My First Time with MyMaternal Figure, Pt. 1

(While posted in the story category, these are true events...which would really explain a great deal.)

Though still a virgin into my teens, I was very sexually aware and fantasized and masturbated frequently. My parents fought often, and my mother slept around. One huge development in my sexuality was when I discovered some porn mags and books in my dad's dresser drawer. When I was alone at home, I would sneak them into my bedroom and jack off. One of the books was entitled Daddy's Girls and was the story of i****tuous affairs. Before reading that, I had never pictured my s****rs nor... Continue»
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Part 2 – The Crone, The girls and the two b*****rs

The Crone is always the ruse, the black magic woman who attracts the young, pretty teens to help her with her ‘disability’ and her ‘plight.’ She is obese, appears ‘sickly’, ‘helpless’, ‘depressed’. The girls often have pity on her, with all her ‘homeless things’ weighing down her wheel chair. “Push me somewhere safe dearies, there are bad men always stealing my things.” The girls comply; bring her somewhere ‘safer,’ sometimes, to the ‘safe house’ where she pretends to be staying. A dilapidated shack away from main streets. When the girls help her, her magic makes no one else see, no witnesses.... Continue»
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