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d**gged Danced & Drained (Looking ba

It was Tree’s works Summer Dooo. They’d decided to have a night out as a way of celebrating the end of the College year.
She’d told me who was going on the night out, the girls in the office and a couple of guys to a place not far from where we lived.
Her friend Nikki promptly picked her up at 7:30pm, there were already two other girls/women in the car. She kissed me and said don’t wait up I’ll probably be home about 11:00ish
In the past she’d send me e-mails and I’d look who else she’d sent them to at the same time and who had sent them to her originally, sometimes I wondered if she’d send... Continue»
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Dreams Cum True

I was 21 and in my last year of college and was only a few weeks from graduating. It was a Friday and I was hanging out with some friends outside of class when this black guy came walking toward us. He stopped and yelled for my friend Max. Max introduced him as Tyler but he went by Ty, they were in a few classes together and also went to the same gym. Max and Ty continued their conversation away from us. I couldn’t stop staring at Ty. None of my college friends knew that I was bisexual and have always wanted to get with a black guy. Max came back to the group a few minutes later and said... Continue»
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A true story about being used as a crossdressing c

This is a true story about my first time being used as a crossdressing cumdumpster.

For weeks I had been fantasizing about being gangbanged in my schoolgirl outfit. My black daddy would make me watch videos of twinks and traps being pounded by huge blacks cocks while I got on all fours and raised my sissy ass in the air for my own pounding.

While he was stretching out my ass and fucking me hard he would ask me would I like to be used by his friends and treated like a cumdump. I'd beg him to pimp me out to his friends which... Continue»
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Egyptian Princess Fantasy

Ever since I saw her in a layout years ago, I've had a thing for Egyptian princesses. There is just something so exotic about them, a beauty that words can not do justice.

My fantasy unfolds like this. I stand in a hall filled with priceless vases, paintings, and a red rug with gold trimmings. Red, the color of loyalty. Standing several feet away from me are men dressed in loincloths. Hard bodied men that might make even the most straightest of men give in to their curious desires. The hall is hotter than the fires of hell. She has kept me waiting here. Sweat pours down my face. After what ... Continue»
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Wife gets exactly what she needs

Off work a few hours early today. The drive home is quick. No traffic. I’m wondering if my wife’s home. Walking up the stairs to the front door of my house, I stop. I hear loud moaning noises coming from inside. I sneak around to the side of the house to see if I can get a peek. I move ever so stealthily to get a glance through one of the windows and the venetian blinds that partially block any view. I can see movement in what is our dinning room. All of the sudden I get a view of my wife Brenda lying mostly naked ( loose cotton panties still on) on the dinning room table, legs spread wide wi... Continue»
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First Time With BBC

And older story of mine that I thought I would bring back.....enjoy :-)

It was not long before I told my wife about who I really am, that I was having serious desires to be taken by a real man. I have / had no true preference, but something about getting pounded by a cocky and arrogant black guy really turned me on. But I wasn't looking for some thug or prick to just have me. I wanted a man!!! A black man.....a BBC man!!! One who had a hot bod, aggressive demeanor, and of course a huge cock. So I had my expectations, and I was anxious for this experience. I had been dressing in full for a w... Continue»
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My story

Name : in album 
Age : in album
Race: in album
Stats : 38D , 26 , 37
From a very young age i always was amazed by sex and like to see it done , 
My fetish was to be a prostitute and get fucked by manny man so after my studies at Murdoch university mass communication i decided to be a air hostess first but went i was in that line i did not find to have that much of fun . 
One day I had a flight to the US and I heard about a club that is called Adult Theatre and that amazed me i loved the job scope there and So i applied for a job there and got in .
I started working there and I was very p... Continue»
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Mudan - Shenzhen GF

Well it's been several years since I have posted a new blog. This one will be about Mudan, who is the best girl I have ever had in China. She is a beauty. Short and very young. I met Mudan due to my job. She was assigned as my interpreter while working in china back around 2010. She spoke Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, & English due to her job. As I traveled around China visiting clients of facilities she accompanied me. Because she was an amazing woman I requested her for most of my trips as my interpreter. Little by little we got to know each other. I didn't really take her out on dates,... Continue»
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Never Bet your Wife! Blacken

My name is Judy. I'm 24 and have been married to my husband Sam who is a couple years older for two years. Anyway, this is an account of what happened to us. Since the beginning of our marriage Sam has had a weekly poker game at our place. I'm not really into card games and I usually go out for a movie or something during the game.

Because we're not well off I'd thought these were "nickel-dime" card games. However, one night I was home in the den reading while my husband played with his friends in the kitchen when my husband suddenly entered the room. His face was ashen and I knew immediate... Continue»
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I could Never Say No to BBC Blacken

My new husband wanted to get me pregnant and have his baby. We had only been married 4 months but he was 48 and I was 44 so the clock was ticking. I told him we would give it a try but if I didn't get pregnant in a few months then it probably wasn't going to happen. We had been trying for four months with no luck. We had sex all the time. He took me every chance he got. Sometimes three or four times a day. He was a great lover with a huge cock. I have known him for a very long time and we have had a long history of sex.

I really love him and wanted to have his baby badly. Each time that ... Continue»
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Black Owned but my Heart belongs to you."

I watched as my friend and neighbor Tom slowly pumped his thick 9-inch cock up into my girlfriend's distended pussy. Jess straddled Tom facing away from him and toward me, ensuring that I had an unimpeded view of the proceedings. She sighed as she sank down on him and he slid all the way in, her pussy lips gripping him tightly as she did so.

As always, the sight made me hard as a rock, helped in no small measure by the fact that Tom's gorgeous wife, Maya, was expertly stroking me as I watched her husband cuckolding me. I was leaking pre-cum like a kitchen faucet with a busted washer; the h... Continue»
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It Only takes One Time Blacken

Bob Purdy was the office manager at our firm, not an attorney. He's maybe 50, pleasant, and not much to look at, the kind of guy who's just hanging around in the background. Non-descript. Part of the office furniture. Boring.

"Oh come on! Are you seriously telling me that good old Bob Purdy is boning your gorgeous 20 year-old girlfriend?" I was having a hard time believing this.

Ted nodded. "I know what you mean, it sounds absurd, but let me tell you -- good old Bob Purdy's a fucking machine. He only fucks the young white wives of attorneys at the firm. Or fiancées. He may not be much t... Continue»
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Ashley and Juans Sexily embrace

It was 2:00 am in the morning and Ashley just got back from a night of clubbing.
She waltzed in through the front door like people do, there sat Juan with his pants to his knees, his limp burrito
grazing his knees.

" WHO ARE YOU!?" exclaimed Ashley.

" Are you Mrs. Smith ?" Juan quickly responded

" Not again ?" Ashley responded with a slightly disgusted face.

" Mrs. Smith, is my step mother this isn't the first time she tricked some Mexican into fucking her, thinking they would get a green card out of it "

" I'm sorry, i go home now" Responded Juan embarrassed and ashamed, bec... Continue»
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Strangers Fucking in a Theater

After a long week of attending a conference in San Francisco, I am in need of some stress relief. So I decide to visit one of San Francisco's great porn theaters. I find a theater schedule online and select a movie with BBC and BBW in the title. To me, there's nothing sexier than muscular black men with big cocks fucking plush, white women.

As I walk into the dark porn theater, I select a seat in the balcony away from most of the men. I've got a great view of the movie from up here and will be able to masturbate in private if the mood strikes me. As the movie starts, I'm pleasantly s... Continue»
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Part 4. The Girl gifted to elder (first person per

I could not bear watching anymore. The fat Indian r****t was going to begin undressing poor Nicole Lee with his mouth alone. That was his fetish. I never actually seen him do this but I will once the film is available. The crone had taken over the filming. And I had a choice.

Watch again, like I have been doing since I came home. Or proceed to my own little teen, bound, gagged and prepared in my sex room.

My own hard on gave me the right answer. The flutters in my stomach was turning into a storm of excitement, getting unbearable, watching my b*****rs play with their girls while I did no... Continue»
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Wendy, the cheating black cock loving slut

Wendy has been managing to put in one extra session at the gym each week for some time now. She was beginning to notice how toned that she looked and how well defined her legs were, especially when she wore any kind of heel.

The extra sessions had been on different days and times than Wendy's normal routine and deeper had experienced how quiet the gym could be at times, or there were times that she could feel all the eyes on her, undressing her as she revelled in the attention.

Wendy had become more adventurous in her choice of gym wear. Leggings turning into tight shorts. T-shirts int... Continue»
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Another MILF Blacken

"That's it, baby, roll that fat ass. Work my black cock. Make me cum in your pussy," Ray told the white married woman moaning beneath him, her hands on his dark ass, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. He tried recalling the middle-age slut's name. Yeah, she was that easy. The first time he'd ever really talked to her was less than an hour ago.

Ray had seen her before though. She shopped at the grocery store where he worked. Most of the time she came in by herself, but occasionally her pot-belly husband accompanied her. Today, she'd been alone.

While she stood scanning the shelves,... Continue»
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Condom Failed Another Black Baby

Hi my name is Tami, I grew up in an all white town. My father was a hateful man who did nothing but rant racist bullshit whenever a person of non white origin stopped in for repairs at his garage.

My father was two faced, he was nice as could be to everyone face to face but the minute the repairs were done and they were gone the shit poured out, Why don't those spics, niggers, asians all go back to their own countries." I could never understand why my father was so hateful after all the white people stole america from the indians.

Never having interacted with people of the other races u... Continue»
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The Condom Alway's Breaks! Blacken

Hi my name is Tami, I grew up in a small town where there was never any real excitement. I recieved an academic scholarship to a major university, I was always good in school.

I'm a Brunette, 5'7" tall, 36C-26-36 athletic build.

My parents were a little upset that I would be so far from home during my college years. After all I was their little girl.

My mother took me shopping for new clothes for my first year of college. She thought that some of the skirts I chose were a little to short. She should have seen the lingerie I bought when she wasn't around.

My parents threw me a going... Continue»
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I have had a girlfriend for almost 2 years now. I am 24 and she is 23. When I got involved with her I learned that she had had a black boyfriend previously. I was not so concerned, and then I found out that he had taken her virginity. Obviously this guy was special to her. About 6 months into our relationship he and she got together behind my back and hung out. I found out, questioned her, and she reluctantly explained to me that she felt horrible, but had made the mistake of kissing/groping with him that day. She assured me that no sex took place.

My feelings were very hur... Continue»
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