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My last gangbang ever

If you are new to my stories; everything you read are true events in which I participated. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. I write these stories to document the change I made from a shy virgin to a dominant BBC bull.

This story isn't very exciting but, I feel every experience played a role in my development.

I was still living in a small conservative town. Most of the people in the town were LDS (Mormon). As a non-Mormon (and a Black guy), there was not much opportunity to meet women. After a few years, I was lucky enough to meet someone through coworkers. ... Continue»
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Diane, my slut wife's encounter

Let me tell you about my wife, Diane. She’s this sexy girl who grew up in Minnesota. She has shoulder length, blonde hair, brown skin, blue eyes, a full mouth, and a body like a fuck doll. She’s 50, 40DD tits on a nice, slender frame, so it’s all pretty firm and outstanding. At the time of this story we’d been going out for about two years, and had been through most things sexually, but had never brought in a third person.

I should add that Diane is a total fuck slut. She likes to be fucked hard, in the face, pussy and ass and called dirty names and generally overpowered. She was alwa... Continue»
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Girl friends hot mom

I got my driver’s license and today I got my car. I was on top of the world and could not wait to show my girl friend. We had been going out about two months and I was hoping that I could get my first taste of pussy to top off my amazing summer.

I drove over to my girlfriend Ann's house. It was early, about nine am. She was gone for the day with her dad and s****r. Her mom, Diane was home and invited me in. Diane and I got along really well. We always flirted back and forth with each other. Diane was home alone and only wearing a t-shirt that barely covered her ass. Her pert tits stoo... Continue»
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Girl friends hot mom part 2

It had been quite and exciting week around our house. I had shared some of the most thrilling sexual experiences of my life with Doug and Anns boyfriend Jim, and I was planning on taking it further tonight. All I had to do was conjure the memory of these two guys sucking each other off and I was ready to cream in my pants.

I was lying on my bed lightly stroking my pussy lips and waiting for Jim. I decided that instead of rolling around in the cramped space on my floor, we should spend this evening in our king size bed instead. Doug came out of the bathroom, fresh from his shower, and ... Continue»
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Sarah's Farm Adventures Pt 1

Part 1: The beginning of it all...

My name is Sarah. Unlike most ordinary people I didn't have any sibblins or cusins, and I never actually met my parents, instead I grew up with my grandparents on their rather large farm. When I was younger granmah told me my parents lived in another country far away, which is why they couldn't come see me. So for the first part of my life I was basically alone, with the exception of my grandparents of course. Anyway, that was the case until my favorite friend Max was brought into our home one fateful day...

Max was the best dogg in the world, a beauti... Continue»
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I am a very happy married man,but a few years ago,my wife and i,well our sex life became a little less exciting,oh don`t get me wrong,my wife is very loving and intentive towards my needs,and even back when it was less exciting,she would surprise me often,like i would wake up to find her sucking hard on my cock,or she would suddenly take out my cock,if we were sittin on the sofa together,and give me a really good handjob,and i too was the same towards her needs,and sex when it happened was very good,but it was not as frequent,as i would of liked it to be,and as i was 20 and my wife was only 23... Continue»
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Dear Diary - At the Hop

Cousin Marlene (have mentioned her a few times before in my post) calls telling me they will be having a retro style dance on Saturday night at the dive in movies that is located a few towns from us. I was not old enough to drive as of yet and she wanted me to go with her. Of course I said.
For the next few days (if I my teacher did not need me) she picked me up from school and we went to thrift and second hands stores looking for retro style outfits. I found a cute pink "poodle skirt and pink sweater" she found a yellow retro prom dress.
she came over to pick me up on on Saturday and she ... Continue»
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We are an average white couple - middle forties, two c***dren, etc. Due to corporate downsizing, my husband lost his well paying job. We had grown accustomed to a nice, comfortable lifestyle - two cars, roomy surburban home, college funds for the k**s - and all the rest that goes with it. My husband could not find emoployment anywhere so I finally answered an ad myself. It turned out to be a company owned by a black ex-football player and he was looking for a "gal Friday" to handle his correspondence, appointments, travel arrangements, reservations, and things like that.

I was very nervous... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

The afternoon sun was streaming through the leaves which were just starting to turn into their beautiful Autumn colour. It was warm and Tracy was wearing her usual walking gear. Loose tee shirt wind-cheater wrapped around her waist and a pair of skin tight lycra knee length shorts.

He had been watching her for the past week as she took her daily walk through the park. He was hidden in the thickets away from view. He loved those pants, the way they showed off her thighs, the way they hugged her pussy showing almost every detail of her mound. He was hard just thinking about the prize!

A... Continue»
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A Happy School Life, Part 2

I awoke early the next day. Weirdly no sex dream but I did have one bad case of morning wood. I look under the covers at my throbbing member. I grab it with my hand and it instantly feels good. Slowly I begin to stroke it up and down, working the full shaft. I think for a moment and reach for my phone. I open up my messages and go to the latest one. The picture that Becki sent last night. I focus on the picture and imagine seeing those bad boys in the real. Working my cock faster, I can feel pre cum begin drip from the tip. I twist my wrist around the head. I close my eyes and think back to wh... Continue»
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A wild week end with Helena

Helena and I were both alone that week end; our loving husbands had to fly away on business that same Friday; so, she invited me to spend a couple days outside, in a nice cottage she had rented before in the woods.
After a two long hour drive, we reached the place.
Helena told me to go upstairs; relax on the balcony and lay out to get sun.

I had driven mostly of the trip; so, I was a little bit tired and really needed some relax. I went to the bedroom and put on a tiny thong to get some sun. When I entered the balcony I was not surprised to notice that my girlfriend was sunbathing in the... Continue»
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I want to share some events that happened on our honeymoon trip to Haiti ten years ago and our bizarre encounter with the world of voodoo. The resort we visited was practically empty and after spending the first few days in our suite doing what most newlyweds do we ventured out to explore the island. During those first few days I discovered that my beautiful bride, Toni, had a powerful sex drive and seemed determined to make up for all those years of being a good girl. To be perfectly honest, she wore me out and seemed disappointed when I insisted we take a break and do some sight seeing.

... Continue»
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A Happy School Life

"So Heartbreak Jo it comes to this!" Bulletproof Billy said to me narrowing his eye as he flexed his hand next to his holstered colt.

"You're reign of terror over this town is done! You're gang is done and I give you this chance to leave!" I claimed as I too kept my hand close to my holstered gun.

"Ha ha ha" Billy gave out a loud laugh "I'm only just getting started with this place, I own this town!" He glared at me "I commend you for trying to stand up to me, but now you must die" at that he reached for his gun drawing it.

Time seemed to slow right down, Billy lifted his gun f... Continue»
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La sed (Thirst in English)


What happened to me at first did not surprise me. But now I'm worried, maybe I should see a psychoanalyst. The first time it happened to me, it was in adolescence. I remember that my boyfriend then was very happy, but then it caused him anguish. This condition I called "La Sed" in my native language ("Thirst" in English). It consists in an imperious desire to drink semen. But I'm not talking about a simple ejaculation, I'm talking about a lot of sperm. But it is not so simple, to quench th... Continue»
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Asian Supermodel Fuck Toy

Victoria is an Asian supermodel. About 5'8. Thin with short black hair. Perky tits, nice ass, and long legs. She's world famous in magazines and billboards across the world. She is widely known as a diva. Her trademark is her sexy displeased look.

She was having trouble with a stalker and asked me and a buddy to take care of it. We did, and she paid us handsomely for it. What she doesn't know is the stalker gave us compromising photos of Victoria in exchange for us not beating him up too bad.

We called her to a hotel suite for a meeting. She showed up dressed professionally wearing bla... Continue»
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What my sub wants

You hear that knock at the door that you've been waiting for all week. Your heart skips and your cock twitches in your panties that I have told you to wear. They're a pair of your slut wifes that she thought it would be funny for you to have to wear.
It's your master and he's there to claim his slut and take her on her first dogging trip. She's spent the day getting ready, shaving her pussy and ass and making herself look at her slutty best for her stud... she knows he loves her to please him and she has excelled herself. You look at her over your shoulder with love and lust as you open the d... Continue»
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Mr Millar smiled to himself when he saw thirty year old Jenny Williamson stepping out from her rear porch. His mood had not been good that morning. For over three weeks the cities heat-wave had rolled on and Millar had been cursing it each and every day. Outside was desperately humid and inside even worse. It reminded the old man of his time in Korea were every menial task was of up-most effort. Already Millar was resigned to drinking beer in his garden and listening to his old portable radio. Yet even in the shade his clothes were soon stuck to his skin in clammy patches. Then, the shapely m... Continue»
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Night out

I went to a work party with a female friend a month ago. Free food and alcohol, so I knew it would be fun. I figured we go, have dinner and drinks and party a little bit didn't know how wild it was going to be. So we hit happy hour on the way and had a delete drinks there. Then when we got to the event we had some more. We had appetizers but just kept drinking. We sat with a group of her coworkers who came without a fats or wife. They kept getting drinks for the whole table, especially her. They all said when she would go to the bathroom that she gets really wild(which I knew already) and they... Continue»
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An unforeseen incident caught my wife and me off guard that changed Casey’s life, and our marriage. My wife Casey is the most perfect girl I've ever met; she has a caring, sympathetic heart, and is sweet to people around her. However, it’s not easy to have a beautiful wife who attracts other men’s attention when we go out for a dinner, shopping, or on the beach. Sometimes men like to flirt with her, and I notice they are all confident, big, and muscular. When I see that, I have an insecure, envious, jealous feeling. I ask her if she is attracted to men who are more masculine than I am for sex... Continue»
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You have to suck his dick

"What man does not want to get his dick sucked on the regular?" Most men would prefer to get their dick sucked as much during the entire day as possible. So, why make the statement? Simply, on a fair scale (because I have not interviewed or gathered statistics], a man who is with a woman [in a relationship], might, might get his dick sucked once a week, or maybe not even once a month. I have a b*****r who has not had his dick sucked for over 6 months. I think that is a problem. In fact, he states it’s a problem.

First, why should a man have to ask to get his dick sucked? Well, some women do... Continue»
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