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Alex and I. from friend to lover

The year was 1996, I was 36 yrs old, I was newly divorced and living on my own in a nice suburban apartment. Had been dressing for a few years and playing on the weekends, when time allowed. My preference at that time was for other gurls, but would not reject a nice gentleman if I found him attractive and appealing. But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. With the chat rooms geared toward the cd/tv scene plentiful, finding partners for a fun time was not hard at all. I was working 50 to 60 hours a week, so playtime during the week was nearly impossible.

I worked as a truck driver during the... Continue»
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Girl friends hot mom

I got my driver’s license and today I got my car. I was on top of the world and could not wait to show my girl friend. We had been going out about two months and I was hoping that I could get my first taste of pussy to top off my amazing summer.

I drove over to my girlfriend Ann's house. It was early, about nine am. She was gone for the day with her dad and s****r. Her mom, Diane was home and invited me in. Diane and I got along really well. We always flirted back and forth with each other. Diane was home alone and only wearing a t-shirt that barely covered her ass. Her pert tits stoo... Continue»
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blind date

Hello to all,I've always been a shy person and never been on a blind date till now.One of my friends had set me up with one of her friends as a blind date her name was Jane and I was to meet her at the club down the road.The shyness kicked in I didn't know what to expect but I went along with it anyway.

I was sitting in the bar nervously looking for her when my phone rang it was a message from Jane wondering where I was so I sent a message back saying I was at the bar.When I looked up from my phone stood a beautiful brunette "hi my names Jane" she was wearing a stunning silk blouse that hug... Continue»
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Lunch Date

So I go and meet up with a friend from work. We both had off and thought about lunch. The plan was to do lunch and grab a movie. I arrive at the Ruby Tuesday and grabbed a table. Then I saw Kerri walking in and I was at wow. She walked in a simple black dress. Her black hair was down and long. I was amazed that she hid that at work. Once she sat down, we talked away the lunch. Kerri and I known each other for years, and shared everything. She was like a best friend who almost never had off, so we never hanged out before. When lunch was done, Kerri asked if we could go back to her place for mo... Continue»
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Wife likes Black Cock

I guess I should say that my wife Nancy is a very attractive woman. I don’t usually like the way some guys describe their wives to make then sound so glamorous. But I will say that she has 38D tits and a nice round butt, standing about 5’6”, short brown hair and would not even think about going out in public without her hair and makeup in place.

I guess it was my fault that my wife, Nancy of twenty years, decided to fuck a black cock. We had been discussing it for years during our love making fantasies. I had bought her black dildos and vibrators. She loved the way they ... Continue»
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First time stallion continued – A Black stallion

First time stallion continued – A Black stallion

So it’s 22:30 and only around 15 minutes after the sharp exit of my Italian stallion. There I am still in the dark with the light of the bathroom seeping out of the small gap in the door and the flickering light of the T.V flashing occasionally over my silky smooth black stockings as I sit on the edge of the double bed facing towards the bedroom door, playing a little with the stretchiness of my black lace twisted knickers id left around my ankles as I was running through what I’d just been involved in.

As I think about calling it a night ... Continue»
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“Hi, how are you? My parents are away for the weekend, so I thought I would drop over and see how you were.”
“I’m great thanks, I am going out tonight with a friend, so help yourself to a drink as I get ready”
I watch as Joy scoots around the house, diving into the shower and then into her room to get changed. I sit, almost yelling as we chat, unable to see from where I sit.
I watch as Joy walks back into the room, my eyes popping out of my head. The phone rings and she immediately turns out of the room to answer it. I try to listen but can only hear Joy’s muffled voice. I hear the r... Continue»
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My First Ass Fucking

My First Ass Fucking.

I’ve always been curious about taking it up my ass, but I’ve always been picky and didn’t want any regrets for my first time. I’ve never done anything with a man at this point. I knew what I wanted, more importantly, I wanted to be fucked. Also, I wanted a white guy. I'm pretty much only attracted to white guys and I live the visual dichotomy. Like everyone, you like what you like.

I finally got the nerve to put up posting in the Village Voice personals during the summer and received a few responses. I’ve always had a thing for husky guys, kinda’ like Kevin James an... Continue»
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What my sub wants

You hear that knock at the door that you've been waiting for all week. Your heart skips and your cock twitches in your panties that I have told you to wear. They're a pair of your slut wifes that she thought it would be funny for you to have to wear.
It's your master and he's there to claim his slut and take her on her first dogging trip. She's spent the day getting ready, shaving her pussy and ass and making herself look at her slutty best for her stud... she knows he loves her to please him and she has excelled herself. You look at her over your shoulder with love and lust as you open the d... Continue»
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Question Do I Suck Cock! Turned GAY

I was brought in and told that I was arrested for stealing over $10,000 from clients, the five clients that I had done the reconciliations for. The interrogating officer said that they had me on video stealing from Bill's desk and my fingerprints were all over the files of the clients swindled. They put me in a holding cell and told me I would see the judge in the morning. They also told me I would not get a phone call until the morning and all I could think was I could never let my parents know about this. I was put in a holding cell that was dimly lite, smelled bad and was isolated down a lo... Continue»
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Mr Millar smiled to himself when he saw thirty year old Jenny Williamson stepping out from her rear porch. His mood had not been good that morning. For over three weeks the cities heat-wave had rolled on and Millar had been cursing it each and every day. Outside was desperately humid and inside even worse. It reminded the old man of his time in Korea were every menial task was of up-most effort. Already Millar was resigned to drinking beer in his garden and listening to his old portable radio. Yet even in the shade his clothes were soon stuck to his skin in clammy patches. Then, the shapely m... Continue»
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An unforeseen incident caught my wife and me off guard that changed Casey’s life, and our marriage. My wife Casey is the most perfect girl I've ever met; she has a caring, sympathetic heart, and is sweet to people around her. However, it’s not easy to have a beautiful wife who attracts other men’s attention when we go out for a dinner, shopping, or on the beach. Sometimes men like to flirt with her, and I notice they are all confident, big, and muscular. When I see that, I have an insecure, envious, jealous feeling. I ask her if she is attracted to men who are more masculine than I am for sex... Continue»
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My first gay experience

This is my first story here and this is all 100% true. Please comment and enjoy!
Just to set the stage on what led up to this moment. I have been straight my whole life and had been engaged at the time of This incident. I had worked with this guy who was a few years older than me who was very much out of the closet and always was upfront with what he wanted. And boy did he like to mess around with straight guys. We became good friends over the years working together. He would constantly hit on me and want to hook up and I always declined and just accepted the compliment.
Well about a year af... Continue»
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My 1st time

"A good question," I replied. "Let me say this. This slave has already cum three times this morning, one of which was a multiple. She has a very large sexual capacity and if I were to guess, I think it's going to be under 25 rather than over. However, you have no reason to believe me, so why don't you," I pointed, "and you, and you, and you, and let's see, you," I pointed to one of the slaves, "inspect this slave to assess her heat. You can report to the rest whether she is close or far from her next orgasm."

The three men, and two women, one a slave, got up on the platform and approached M... Continue»
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Watching From The Bar. Part 3.

Part One of Watching From The Bar

Part Two. Helens Story.

Part one was written from Steve, the husbands, perspective. Part two revisited this from Helens perspective. In part 3 it will switch between them.

[Helen] I stand on my wobbly legs, my stomach churning at the thought of what I am about to do. I mean, really, my husband has just sent me of to go flirt and make out with a hot guy in a bar while he watches! While everybody in th... Continue»
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Great sex Bi-curious

This follows on from my previous posting "Great Sex" about my encounters with Donna. The story continues after I had just finished her off and I was still hard and horny, but I needed to take a leak. I knew her b*****r in law had come into the flat while me and Donna were at it earlier. I assumed he had argued with his missis (Donna's s****r) and he would often spend the night on the living room sofa, This used to bug me a little at first coz I knew he was always sniffing around Donna, but after getting to know the guy a bit, and because of his situation, I felt a little sorry for him.
I walk... Continue»
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The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

The one day I was naughty and a bit more.

So here I am, Tina, the age of 48 ever nearing closer.
As I have said in the previous story I have been married for over 22 years to the only man I have known or to have seen any part of me naked.
I have always been big, or shall we say fat so it was something throughout my life I would have died if anyone had seen me like that, my big belly, my big everything.
We have two sons; the youngest has now left and joined his b*****r at college.
I am now a grandmother, my oldest having gotten his girlfriend pregnant, our grandson is a joy and we look a... Continue»
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My first bi-guy (part 3) – a true story

After having my face and throat fucked by Simon, I wanted Simon to give my thick seven inches some attention…

… this beauty was all his, if he wanted it.

This is part three of my true story, if you haven’t read parts 1 & 2, I would recommend you do so before reading this part, you’ll find them here:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Please excuse any bad grammar and spelling mistakes, or totally wrong words ... Continue»
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confessions Part 3 taken

Days were passing by; I was teasing Assarudeen when there was a chance. There were quite a few chances of nearly getting caught. Mostly Muthu he was keeping a close eye what was going on. Then one evening everyone was getting ready to go and leaving office while submitting their work to us. The office became quite, me along with sheeba & assarudeen were busy trying to finish our work for the day. Muthu came and told assarudeen to get some files summoned by the auditor since he had to go out to get some tea for the auditor. Assarudeen told me to get them since he had... Continue»
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First time stallion

So there I am analysing myself in front of my hotel room mirror for a final check that I’m ready to greet my man when he knocks on my room door. Hair, brown shoulder length combed straight , check, Full makeup bronzer, blusher, foundation, mascara, eye liner and of course pretty pink lipstick all in check and a flutter of my false eye lashes for good measure . Perfect, one final pose for sassiness in my leopard print mini club dress being stretched at the breasts to accommodate my 34DD silicone bra infills. The bottom of my dress stopping just shy of the top of my super smooth silky black self... Continue»
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