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My wifes daughter came to stay with us.

My second wife Holly & I were married for almost 18 months. Holly had one girl from a previous marriage. Mary 22. Holly is 5'4” 34C, brown hair, green eyes & had a rocking body. We are enjoying a great sex life.
Holly would fuck me anytime I wanted her. I too would fuck Holly whenever or wherever she wanted a jump. Holly was up for anything. Whatever my fantasy Holly was good at fulfilling it. Holly had fewer fantasies then I but I think she got off fulfilling mine.
Sometimes we'd talk about them to make sure the other person understood so they'd get what they were expecting. We never s... Continue»
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The time I fucked my buddy's step mom

So I was 19 I dropped by a friend's place to chill. He was not back when I got there but I came in anyway. Nothing unusual. I walked into the kitchen and there I saw her. My buddy's step mom climbing out of the pool.

She was wearing thing skin tight black bikini. Her long blonde hair soaked but still perfect. But best of all her model body. Slim very fit with perfect c cup tits. My god is she a stunner.

She looked right at me. I thought she would have covered up but no. She dryed herself and walk right into the house.

I was at a loss for words. This woman standing before me like th... Continue»
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mom and son

When I eventually got mum into football I didn’t realise that things between us was going to become so exciting and horny, mum had latched onto a team, and as this football team was playing mine in the FA cup there was a lot of competition between us, mum bet me that her team would win, the bet was if she won then I would wash up for a week, and if they lose she had to wash my car, she agreed and the very next day she was out in the yard washing my car.
When the new season started months later she wanted to get her own back, so the betting started up again, this is when things got exciting be... Continue»
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My Friends Parents

My best friend growing up lived right next door to me. We pretty much grew up together. My f****y was his and his f****y was mine. Life was good. This little event happened right when I hit my mid teens, I had just turned old enough to have a drivers license but was still a virgin. My buddy and I spent many nights looking at porn and thinking about having sex with a girl.
I went next door but Vicki and Tom told me my buddy had gone to his grandma's for the weekend so they could get some stuff done around the house. Tom was working on some kind of pressure sprayer that he could not get t... Continue»
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Wife & Step-daughter

[user][user][/user][/user]I'd been married for ten years - happily married, I might add - so when all this happened, it was completely out of the blue. A real eye-opener in more ways than one. Jane was a wonderful wife. Raven-haired, sexy and long-legged, she was still as sexy now as when we first met, twelve years ago. We had two k**s of our own, twins boy and girl aged eight . And then there was Julie my stepdaughter .

She was Jane's daughter from her previous relationship. I say relationship, it was more of a one night stand - the dad hadn't stick around or been in touc
... Continue»
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Discovering Masturbation, and Parents were into Po

I was alone and bored and being left with a task to clean up around the house I set about it not realising that by the time I had finished, I would be a changed girl.

Today we read about 'Grooming', about young girls being enticed to do things they should not do, well I am afraid to say, it has always been like that, through the generations, but more face to face back then, not like it is today, locked in your bedroom with your parents downstairs, while a stranger entices you to listen to your body and submit to its desires.

'Do me a favour sweetheart', that was my daddy asking me to cle... Continue»
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Daddy Makes Amanda Feel Good

My daughter Amanda has always been my pride and joy. After her Mother ran off with another man, we decided to sell our house and move to our vacation home located on a beautiful secluded stretch of beach. There were too many memories in the old house.

Amanda and I have always been very close. Hugging, talking and snuggling up on the couch are common and we became understandably closer after her Mom ran off. After a good meal we often snuggled up on the couch together and watched a movie or some TV. I'm grateful to have had her company through those hard times.

Amanda is so beautiful. Abo... Continue»
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When I was a girl I had terrible nightmares and would often creep into my mum’s bed but didn’t need to wake her, just being there was enough. I couldn’t have wakened her anyway as she was always zonked out with sl**ping tablets since my dad left us. This went on for years, until I was really much too old to be sl**ping with mum, but I kept on. One night I really did have a bad dream and crept in only to find that mum’s boyfriend was in bed with her, both fast asl**p so I crept round to mum’s side and slid in with Bill on the other side of her and soon fell asl**p.
Unusually something woke me ... Continue»
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My best friends mom.

I'll start from the beginning.
(names have been changed )
I met my friend mike back in highschool & im 28 now. Growing up his place was the hangout spot to blaze and drink on weekends, I'm a tall attractive male and i have always found when we were drinking she would always flirt with me. I thought it was kind of wierd being my friends mom so i never acted on it.
A few years into our friendship mikes father passes away & the flirting started getting more intense, i never mentioned anything to my friend because secretly i liked it. She's was in her mid 40s about 5'4 with a tight skinny bod... Continue»
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My slutty mum and my two friends

So I received a good response to the time I caught my mum and her friends licking, fucking and playing with each other and generally, people said they wanted to hear more stories that I have.

To recap, mum had me when she was a teenager so she's still young. She's very attractive (as all my friends I grew up with always reminded me), blonde hair that goes down to roughly her shoulders. She is a size 10 and has the most perfect 34DD's, combined with a full bush and a very pretty pussy- she was, and still is really, a babe. She's been single since before I was born, (although my dad did come ... Continue»
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My Wife’s new “Friend”

It’s a Friday afternoon, I am a little busy at work when I get a text from my wife.

Wife: “Hey baby, I’m going out with my girls tonight, is that ok?”
Me: “Sure babe, what’s for dinner?”
Wife: “Pick something up for you, we are going out to eat and then drinks”
Me: “Ok ”

On my way to the house I stop for a sandwich, I get home and she is already gone. I sit down, turn on the T.V. and commence to eating my sandwich. I get another text from my wife.

Wife: “look what I am eating”….She sent me a picture of her food.
Me: “That’s nice”

I am dozing off in the couch, didn’t realize... Continue»
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My mother turned me into a cum slut (Pt 3)

Part 3

Mom can we talk. Sure Megan about what? (as if I didn't know)
It's about our weekends. Yes Megan what about it. I'm so horny all the time, all I want to do is fuck.
That's understandable. You're in your early 20's your hormones are still raging. True but I don't want to just fuck anyone they may be selfish, not like the weekend group.
That's why we go there. You may remember I mentioned it's safe & everyone there wants you to get off as much as they do.
It's hard not to diddle myself especially when I think about the past weekend.
Try not to. That gives you better orgasms & allo... Continue»
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surprized by the wife.

It was the usual Saturday night for me and my wife.
About nine o'clock I started dropping the usual hints.
"you look really sexy in that negligee sweetheart
Oh thank you darling she replied.
You'd look sexier if it was lying on the bedroom floor.
In your dreams sweetheart its the wrong week I'm afraid.
I suppose a blow job is out the question then.?
Correct she replied then said that she was off to bed
Goodnight sweetheart see you in my dreams.
When she was gone I thought to myself time for the pub
I think. So off I went on my merry way thinking to myself
Sod her I'm going to get ... Continue»
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First day of our Holiday

The two hour drive was finally coming to an end, mom and dad were taking me to the same place we always holidayed at for as long as I could remember. Since I was able to walk we always came to the same apartment in a villa in the hills. The four apartments surrounded the swimming pool. Each apartment had a private terrace, and if there was anybody else staying at the villa, the only time we saw them was at the pool. What made this place so attractive to them was the fact they could go nude for the whole holiday, as the villa had a no clothes policy, and mom and dad were naturists. It had never... Continue»
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Horse Sexual Fantasies Motivates Tera

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am 27, long black hair to my ass, hazel eyes, 5 foot 7 inches tall and I weigh right at 135 lbs... My breasts are perfect, or so I’m told anyway, perfect aureoles that I find pleasant to look at. I have a models build and am considered beautiful by most men and quite a few ladies…giggling! I could probably have any man, or woman, I wanted if I played my cards right, but, it wasn't a person I wanted at that stage of my life, it was a horse! This a story of how I sated a lifelong fantasy that eventually became a burning need in my life.

Let me ex... Continue»
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My wife Joan

Years ago, my first wife and I were invited to a Christmas party given by one of the nurses at the hospital where she worked. I hated going to these things because I didn't really know anyone there, and the parties went on literally until the sun came up. Joan was the only white woman at the hospital, and being the only white people at the party was always kind of interesting, but just not knowing too many people made them seem like they dragged on for hours and hours. Everybody has probably attended one of those get togethers where all the people know each other from work so they trade inside... Continue»
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My wife Mary

Up until a few months ago my wife and lived a pretty uneventful life, filled with the normal routine of work, weekend errands, and paying the bills. We have been married for almost twenty-five years and were moving into the same kind of rut that most people fell into as they reached their mid-forties.

For most of the time we have been together I have been trying to get Mary to open up a little bit sexually in the area of other lovers. I've never stopped to analyze why the thought of her with another man turns me on, but it is a recurring fantasy (like it is with many men) and our sex life h... Continue»
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Mother turned me into a cum slut (PT1)

I was bored. I don't know why but I went to look around my mothers room. I found a box. I looked inside & I couldn't believe what I saw.
Sex toys and pics. I first thought eww. I took a look at the pics. They were of my mom. All different pics of her. Cum flowing from her mouth, her pussy, cum on her hair. I put them back and thought WTF what is she up to? When did this all happen? Why?
After the weekend I thought I'd take another look. There were new pictures of her. These had cum coming out of her ass. Two dicks in her mouth. I looked through the rest of the pics again. Wow is she a slut.
... Continue»
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My Two Milfs

I woke up and she was standing over me. She was naked and standing there with her bush sticking out. Her black muff looked so hot. Her tits dangled with erect nipples. She was holding a cup of coffee. "Good morning. I brought you some coffee. I know you just woke up but I need you to do something for me when you get woken up." Evidently she was very horny and wanted me to fuck her. My cock was rock hard. As I moved my pillow so I could sit up the blanket fell off and my stiff cock jumped up. "Oh that is a real nice hard on you have. I need that inside my pussy when you are ready." ... Continue»
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The Stable hand

Jessica slammed the door behind her as she stomped into her house attached to the stables. She turned and locked the door so she could be left alone before kicking of her shoes. It was supposed to be a fun day at the festival, she had even tried to dress up for the occasion. No sense staying mad all day, she should be used to the teasing by now. Rarely a day went by without someone mistaking her for a boy. Today she had left her slightly longer than shoulder length blond hair down and not tied up in a pony tail. It didn’t help, neither did the slightly to revealing dress she had on.

At 25 ... Continue»
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Two Milf's In One Night, How could I be so Lu

I travel a lot for work and at the end of the day I pulled into a Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City for the night. I was checking-in when a large white tour bus pulled up and the passengers came into lobby to check-in. I could not believe my eyes there were about twenty-five older women on the bus. I looked over the group and thought to myself wow!!! I these are some of the hottest looking, sixty and seventy year old women I had ever seen. As a very fit 41 year old man and I just love fucking these horny Milf’s and Gilf’s, in fact, I prefer them to younger women my age. I began talking to a cute l... Continue»
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Lesbian mum

Before I get in to it fully, i'll give you a quick back story of my house and everyone involved, for the sake of privacy ill use fake names.

Me and mum were the only two people living in this house at the time of the story, my dad left when i was two and never came back, which meant I have always been close with mum. She has a pretty good job so we live in a really nice semi-detached house with a drive way, and have this big bay window in the shape of a semi-circle that's protected by hedges on the front garden wall, and down the side of the house.

She's an attractive lady who had me whe... Continue»
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My wife Paula

My wife and I were having some sexual issues in the bedroom, I wanted more and she wanted to give less, she was kind of shy and prudish But I did talk her into going with me to a swingers club.

Once there for me it was very exciting, For my wife it was what seemed to her like an utter embarrassment to say the least, So it was a No Go if you Know what I mean. Many men looked interested in my lovely wife. She is 42 yrs old; 5' 6" weighs 136 pounds great body with big adorable chest and small waist and great soft little behind with well proportioned legs. Medium length blond semi curly hair an... Continue»
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My Pussy So Sore Cuckold

My name is Dave and I am 36 years old. Deanna is my wife and she is 35. We have been married for 12 years and have two k**s, a 14 year old and a 9 year old. Deanna is 5'1" tall and weighs about 120 lbs. She has shoulder length reddish-brown hair, beautiful 36 C tits and a slim athletic body. She has always worked out and kept herself in tip-top shape. Many men and women have commented that they cannot believe that she has two c***dren, especially a teenager. I am 6"4" and weigh 235 lbs., very fit as I enjoy running and working out. We have a great marriage and a wonderful sex life. Here is whe... Continue»
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Mom and the Rude Optometrist! Part 2.

A couple of years later, this incident happened.

I used to go shopping with my stepmother who I called Mum, as she needed help to carry the bags, as the shopping centre was only a short walk away and Mum saw no need for the car. One day, before shopping, she came downstairs all dressed up, in a black leather miniskirt and flimsy blouse, her hair newly done and wearing the black leather thong sandals I'd just bought her for her Birthday. Her toes were newly painted all tarty red, and she wore an ankle chain and toe rings. "Do I look okay Bob?" she asked.

She looked so sexy and I said, "Ye... Continue»
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adult theater

Itwas a small adult theater. I’d not been to the theater before, so I checked its times and found it was open. I’d heard that guys and couples go there to play at night. Of course it wasn't night, in fact it was midafternoon, but I decided to go there anyway. I figured that if things didn't work out I'd just head to the bookstore and find some guy to suck my cock through a glory hole.

When I arrived at the theater it wasn’t crowded. Only a few people in the theater part and a couple more looking at stuff in the shopping area.

One or two guys looked at me as I entered the theater area, bu... Continue»
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Forbidden fun

It was a booung Sunday morning and Paul was home alone is wife at work as usual. After walking his dogs and doing his jobs he had gone online and spotted someone he knew, a friend of his k**s on a porn / dating site. Paul could not resist looking and saying hello, but Hannah didn't know who she was speaking to.
Paul made it clear he was married and naughty, dropped hints he knew things about Hannah, but she just wanted to talk naughty too him. He even pointed out that he was nearly 25 years her senior at 48, but she didn't care.
Paul couldn't resist this sexy 24 year old teasing him. The cha... Continue»
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Trouble in class

Was the second month of the school year and found myself in trouble again. Mrs. Black caught me day dreaming for the fifth time. She said she had no choice but to report me to the principal. I knew if she did that I'd be in serious trouble with my dad. He and my dad played golf together and I know he'd tell him. I begged Mrs. Black not to report me and I'd do anything she said if she wouldn't. She said she'd think about it.
After class I asked her if she thought about it, she said yes,and I should come to her class during lunch. Thinking I dodged a bullet I went to my next class. What was s... Continue»
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Lucy's Story, a long kept secret.

Lucy's Story: A Long Kept Satisfied Secret
by Sumddy ([email protected])


A woman telling the story to her boyfriend of her first
sexual experience, that happened to be with the f****y
dog, Bo.


It started innocently enough. I shouldn't even be
telling you this. I shouldn't judge. I can't not after
how all this ended.

There is a parallel to everything. This isn't in this
instance a conversation of right and wrong. It's just
what happened.

It was not the story I expected to hear when I asked
her, what was the hottest thing she experienced sexually
... Continue»
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Daddies visit

When daddy came to visit
His bike pulls up and the smile on my face is immeasurable, I have been excited to see my
Daddy all week and I can't wait to hear him call me Daddy's dirty little girl again. Last time
was great but I want more. I couldn't believe the shape I came home in, but couldn't have
been happier. Daddy worked my pussy over good, made it hurt and gave me something to
remember after he came inside me a beautiful gift. Every time I moved and sat down I
thought of his beautiful cock being shoved into my mouth and pussy hole I want him to claim
my ass. Wantonly, needful. Ever... Continue»
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See-Through Swimsuit at the Public Pool

Every evening around 6:00 I swim laps in the condo association pool. I'm usually all alone at that time and I get a really good workout. Forty-five laps equals a mile. When I turn around at the end of each length and push off, I raise my tight ass out of the water as a sexy display for all the neighbors in the townhomes overlooking the pool.

At first I wore these big black swim trunks but then I upgraded to these flimsy, striped short shorts. They're really underwear with no lining and they're really clingy, especially when wet. I loved the way they made me feel and the way they looked. The... Continue»
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A Prude Wife

Years ago while in the Army, my wife Mary and I were living in Government housing in Germany. We had been married for over 10 years. Mary was a "good" Catholic girl when we first got married, and was a virgin on our wedding night. Throughout our marriage Mary made it plain that she considered sex more of a duty then something that should be enjoyed. She would lay motionless and silent during the act, except for those rare occasions when she had too much to drink. When that happened,it was as though an inner demon had been let loose and she would start moaning and moving her hips to meet the my... Continue»
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a weekend with Jen Part 1

One Thursday night when I was still on my period, my phone rang while I was busy giving my husband a blowjob. I ignored it ringing and continued to suck my hubby's cock. I was deepthroated him when he started moaning from pleasure and soon he started cumming in my mouth. After he finished shooting his load into my mouth, I went to the bathroom to spit it out in the basin.
On returning to the bed I check my phone to see who called. It was Jenna and I called her back. She was phoning to ask me if I would like to join her next weekend for weekend away at a riverside resort, just the two of ladi... Continue»
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My Aunt Caught Me Wearing Her Tights Pantyhose

Here's a nylon story that a friend told me that got me really horny and let's just say ..."a nice nylon manfun session followed" lol!

My friend had been having f****y troubles and hitting his teenage years he was getting in all types of trouble with his f****y and the law, so after one visit by the law he was sent out of town to live with his aunt.

His Aunt lived alone in a house in the country, she was a nice but plain looking plumptious lady of 42 with a pear shaped figure and like all the female f****y members a heaving big bosom.

She was also the old school matrony type "what she... Continue»
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My mother turned me into a cum slut (PT 2)

The weekend was nearing. All I could think about was going back to the motel with my stepmother. I took all my willpower not to diddle my pussy. I wanted to be as horny as fuck & I was. My nipples were always erect, even at work.

I thought about what to wear but then again clothes were taken off almost as soon as you got in the door. Hmm, maybe some thigh high nylons. I wanted to shave my pussy. I was afraid that may make me diddle it. I wanted it to be bald & smooth for its guests.
At this point I guess I could ask my mother we don't have any secrets anymore. I went downstairs and just as... Continue»
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Trouble in class II

During dinner dad asked how school was. Nervous that he may have found out,I said it was ok. I was having a little trouble it one class but nothing I can't handle. He said you just have to study harder and see if you can do extra work, I said I'm already looking into that. That's good he said and that was the end of the subject. After dinner and dodging a bullet I went to my room and dressed for bed. When I heard the shower running, I reached in my pants and stroked thinking about Billies was and tits.
The next day was rough getting through Mrs. Blacks class paying attention. I kept picturin... Continue»
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Horse Sexual Fantasies Motivates Tera

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am 27, long black hair to my ass, hazel eyes, 5 foot 7 inches tall and I weigh right at 135 lbs... My breasts are perfect, or so I’m told anyway, perfect aureoles that I find pleasant to look at. I have a models build and am considered beautiful by most men and quite a few ladies…giggling! I could probably have any man, or woman, I wanted if I played my cards right, but, it wasn't a person I wanted at that stage of my life, it was a horse! This a story of how I sated a lifelong fantasy that eventually became a burning need in my life.

Let me ex... Continue»
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Married man tries men at a hotel

I married a few years out of college to a girl I met there. Last year I attended a conference, I was staying in a nice hotel that had privileges to the adjoining fitness center. In between sessions, I headed over and lifted some weights before taking in the men's only sauna.

I had only been in there for a few minutes before three guys came in and sat down on the benches. As the wooden benches were extremely hot, I noticed one guy sat over in the corner on his towel while the two older gentlemen just sat down with their towels around their waist. About ten minutes later, the two older men ... Continue»
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Salty Sea

It had been a while since I was a center at one of Mark's parties. Due to work and well life I wasn't able to until recently. I got a phone call from Christie as I did just about once a week. She's always checking up on me and making sure I'm doing well. She's definitely a dear friend. Anyways, when she called me this time she asked if I were available for a party this coming Saturday. I checked my calendar and sure enough for the first time in ages, I didn't have to work. It had gotten to the point where I didn't even think about the possibility of being a center due to my schedule, so it was... Continue»
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My Aunt's Husband

First, I have to say this was not my first sexual encounter with a man. I had been topped by two guys that were my same age before and my first time was actually in middle school, it as we use to call it back then jr high. However, this was the first time I was with an adult male. I have always liked dressing up in women's clothes. At first, I use to try on my mother's clothes and her shoes. Being Hispanic, my mother had quite a collection of stiletto heels in her closet and her party attire was usually mini skirts. I would watch her when she put on make up so I learned how to wear make up ho... Continue»
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I'll Pull Out I Promise Blacken

Amy is a small cute blonde. She is 26 years old. She works as a paralegal at a very successful law firm. She is just five feet tall. She had nice pert B cup breasts, a narrow waist and just the right width to her ass. She is just petite. She doesn't have any c***dren. The decided to wait and they just never got around to it. She can't take the pill so she and her husband use condoms.

She is happily married to John. He is the General Manager of a large department store. He is 30 years old. He works long hours and often comes home late in the evening. He is usually mentally exhausted when he ... Continue»
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Pregnant and having sex in the park with a colleag

I had known him from my first day at work he was my mentor and confidant and surprisingly our age differences over time melted away and I saw him as a really nice guy who made me laugh and put me at ease when the going got tough.

I adopted him as my surrogate father since my own father had left me when I was about three years old and over time I found myself leaning on him, actually enjoying our platonic relationship.

I fell pregnant but continued to work from the office wincing each time I saw my image reflected in the glass doors, but Frank thought I was as sexy as hell.

He had alwa... Continue»
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White man's wife, black man's toy. My fi

That evening was a lovely relaxing time. After we had both cleaned ourselves up me and Mike cuddled up and watched a film (yes you can still be romantic in a cuckold relationship) before eating and heading to bed.
I couldn't sl**p again though, Marlon had told me to text him when Mike was asl**p so I waited. After half hour or so Mike was gone so I got my phone out.
'Hey master iv done everything you asked and Mike is now sl**ping x' I put.
'Unlock the door and strip naked' was all I got in return.
I did exactly as he said of course. I went downstairs and opened the door and didn't need to... Continue»
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Sissy and the Lodger

My father worked a lot and when he was off work he preferred to unwind in his local resting hole rather than stay at home. As a result Ii had a lot of freetime at home. Nothing to be sad about it meant I had a lot of time to explore my burgoning crossdressing within the confines of ny own house. I could walk through every room wearing short skirts showing off my ever growing pantie collection. It made every day dress up day. When I had Peter or David over from next door, it meant even naughtier fun as I would have them regularily fuck me in the ass then I would suck their cocks clean. It was p... Continue»
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An unexpected life changer; Part 2

"Uuuggghhhh" I groaned, "what the fuck."

I slowly opened my eyes and quickly closed them. The bright light of morning piercing into the room burned my eyes, well it felt that way. I rubbed my eyes and again slowly opened them, trying to accustom my self to the morning sun, well at least I thought it was morning.

I lay in my bed and tried to pull myself together. My head was pounding and all I could taste in my mouth was alcohol. "What happened last night?!"

Coming to my senses and finally back to reality, I ran over in my head what happened. Like a rush of pure adrenaline it all cam... Continue»
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The New Neighbor

It was a hot day and my mom took everyone to the mall to beat the heat. Perfect opportunity for me to play in her dresses.
I couldn't wait for them to leave. Mom had a pretty green dress with a floral pattern I liked the way it fit me. Her bras I almost filled out. The bra was a Ccup. I was a chubby boy with tits... and loved feeling them in a bra.
When they left a double checked the door and stripped naked, knowing I'd be wearing a bra, panties, pantyhose and her dress slip. I got all dolled up and walked around in a pair of her heels.. strapped to my nylon feet.
I didn't think about who c... Continue»
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The Wife Game

After dinner, Doris Blake sat on the sofa with a glass of burgundy wine and watched the evening news. Her husband Tom was at the driving range and her 18 year old daughter Tammy was out with her friends. The 37 year old blond was a stay at home mom; she was pleased with her life and didn't mind not entering the job market. Tom was a dentist and insisted that Doris did not have to work, although the credit card bills had been piling up lately and he urged her to cut down on her spending.

The telephone rang and Doris answered it and spoke to her friend Joyce, "Hi Joyce, what's up?"

Her fri... Continue»
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Cucky Humiliation

I have been married to my wife for just over 4 years. She's perfect. I met her just out of high school and she was a suppressed, hot and horny church girl. I was the first boyfriend she ever had so needless to say she was a virgin. We got married after a couple years of dating. The sex was great.

After a while, the sex was still great but my wife didn't seem to be into it anymore. She never said anything, but I had the feeling she was getting bored with me even though she was always willing to let me fuck her whether she was in the mood or not. I was at the point where I wanted her to crav... Continue»
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Abused Stepdaughter - Teaser

Abused Stepdaughter - Teaser

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. I do not condone the actions taken by my fictional characters. This is a sample of a longer story….If you want to read the entire story send me a Friend Request.

--------- Chapter 1
Her Parents surprise her……..

November 3, 1989, Friday night
Little Rock, Arkansas

Sandra Knight was sitting in front of her bedroom mirror brushing her long silken blond hair. She was tired after cheerleading practice and finishing her homework; she was a (xxx) a... Continue»
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Bus ride with something extra

Bus ride of my life.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for the bus, it’s busy and finally when the bus comes, it was full. I prayed to get a seat over the rear wheels, my favourite place. I paid the driver and got near the back, there was only one seat remaining. A woman with dark hair, attractive and in her thirties, sitting by the window. She was sitting up straight, legs together with her arms folded across her chest and her coat d****d over the arms and lap, she had a thigh length skirt on in a check pattern. She is very friendly as I ask her politely.
“Do you mind if I sit ... Continue»
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