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Stacy's Birthday

"Mom, do you think that I will ever have a boyfriend?" Stacy asked Barb one night as they ate dinner.

"I'm sure the right guy is out there for you, honey. He just hasn't found you yet." Barb replied but at the same time secretly shared her daughter's fear.

"Well I sure wish he would hurry up!" Stacy replied.

Stacy was on the verge of turning eighteen and in just a few months she would graduate from high school and then head off for college. Barb had watched as her only daughter had struggled with puberty. Stacy took on the same characteristics as her mom. She was just over five foot t... Continue»
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My Godmother and her wild friend (True Story)

This is going back a few years to when I was in my early 20's. Working as a steel fabricator. My day at work was drawing to an end. It had been a very long week, 55hours of hard labour complete. At 3.30, I clocked out. Turning the key in the ignition was such a relief, it was a bank holiday weekend, and I was looking forward to 3 days of much needed R&R. On the way I remembered that it was my mothers birthday, she was turning 40, and my s****r had organised a surprise party for her at the f****y home. I had forgotten to get her a gift as I had been so busy, so I rushed to town, and picked up s... Continue»
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The night my stepmom let me cum in her pussy

My step mom, Tracy and i had an odd relationship, which started when she found a bag of weed in my backpack.
She looked at me and said "i have 2 options, tell your father or keep it a secret"
"Please dont tell dad" i begged.
Instead of calling dad at work, she opened her purse and pulled out a small change purse, zipped it open and pulled out a little metal pipe!
"For your punishment we are going to smoke the whole thing" she said.

She would act motherly, but when dad wasnt around she didnt care what i did. She would buy me cigars and 40's- i would score her weed from my buddies... Continue»
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Dad thinks I'm Mom

My mom was out of town for a month to six weeks helping out her younger s****r who just had a baby.
Mom told me to keep an eye on dad he's under a lot of pressure at work. He wasn't sl**ping well. If he sl**pwalks don't wake him. That may be dangerous. Try to talk to him & guide him back to bed.

Moms only been gone a few days.
I was concerned about him but not worried yet. I was trying to behave and cook some meals.

It was evening I was sitting on a stool at the kitchen island. I saw my dad walking slowly. Dad, dad are you alright? His eyes were almost closed. Is he sl**pwalking? I rem... Continue»
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My Mechanic

I feel like when people say "This is a true story" they are just trying to get you to believe their bullshit but for real, this is an actual true story, lol...The following took place this winter.

So I needed some work done to my crappy little car. I took it to the garage where my f****y has been taking our cars for years, figuring I'd get some kind of a friendly discount....I was right, in a way...

Before i left to drop the car off at the garage i looked myself over in the mirror. I was wearing a very tight, shear pair of yoga pants with no panties underneath, and a low cut shirt... Continue»
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My friend's hot wife...

My friends wife has been unwell recently, and as I was on my way home from Leeds I thought I would give them a call to see how she was.

Dee answered the phone and said why don't you call round for a coffee. I just assumed they would both be there.

I arrived at their house and Dee answered the door dressed in a robe, which I thought was a little strange especially as I could see she was also wearing high heels and either stockings or tights, stockings I hoped!

"Come in she said," well I know where I'd like to cum I thought, right inside you! My cock was hard just seeing her and I saw h... Continue»
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The first time I sucked a cock! (true story)

I'll start by saying I've been dreaming about a hard cock in my mouth since I was a teen! For year I've tried to deny that I had bisexual desired ... but the urge became too great!

I was going through a divorce. During that time I met-up with a woman who shared how turned on she was by MMF porn. That her last boyfriend was bi, and how much she loved watching guys suck cock! She made me promise that I would check it out!

We stopped seeing each other ... one day I was enjoying this site and decided to check out the MMF porn section to see why she liked it so? I clicked the bisexual section... Continue»
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Poking Alice

Alice and her husband, Bill, lived next door to me for as long as I can remember. As I entered into puberty and started to notice girls Alice would pop up on my radar, she had the biggest tits I had ever seen. And the best part was that I would go over and help her with her work in garden and she would wear these loose fitting tops with out a bra. We would be working that soil all bent over and I would get to stare at those succulent tits as they swayed back and fourth. And I mean I got a great shot, the whole boob, nipple and all. And she would make no attempt to cover up. I think she liked... Continue»
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A young and old encounter

My name is Maggie, I am 19 years old, have long legs, blonde hair down to my waist, and large breasts. I would like to tell you of an experience that happened to me not to long ago. You see, I used to help out an elderly o.a.p gent by getting his shopping for him. Well; one day I came back from the supermarket with his supplies for the week, and thought that he was out in the garden as I could hear someone talking outside. I just wanted to freshen up from my exertions in town, so I slipped into the bathroom, and to my embarrassment, there he was just drying his hair completely naked, the towel... Continue»
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18 years Birthday gift from mom

I'd really like to give you something extra special for your 18th birthday," said Mom, as we stood in the kitchen in the early evening, "but I don't know what." Well, I could think of something extra special that I would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn't foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since I had begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I had had a tremendous craving for Mom's big luscious body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in my fantasies, spilling gallons of cum through ardent masturbatio... Continue»
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Granny Ellie

I looked over the photos. A buddy of mine had been snooping around his parents room and found these naked photos of his mom. They showed everything, one of the pictures she even had her pussy slightly spread open. Too bad she is ugly I thought to myself. A few days later another friend of mine showed up with some naked pictures of his mom, a short chubby lady with little tits and a huge hairy pussy. A couple of the pictures even had his dad in them showing his dick stuck in her pussy. That evening I got to thinking about those pictures and decided to have a look around. I found only a couple... Continue»
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Missy fucks the trucker

The rain was falling on me relentlessly as the big rig pulled over along the side of the highway. "Thank goodness!" I thought as I sprinted toward the open passenger side door.

"Climb on up here outta that rain." Came a voice from the driver seat.

I looked up to see a man around 40-ish I would guess, slightly graying hair, and a little over weight but fairly clean cut. He had a kind smile as he took my hand and helped me into the truck.

"Thanks so much!" I said as he pulled the rig back out onto the highway.

"What in the world is a young girl like you doing walking in the middle of... Continue»
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Seduced by an o.a.p.

Seduced by an o.a.p.

My name is Martin. I recently turned 18, and drive an old pick up, because it's all I can afford at the moment. Last Saturday, I went along to my local car boot sale, and happened to notice an elderly lady interested in a wardrobe on one of the stalls, but she did not have anyway to get it back to her house. Sensing an opportunity here to make a bit of cash, I approached her, and offered to take it for her in the back of my truck for a small fee, too which she readily agreed.

It wasn't very far to her house, and it did not take long between us to get it into her bed... Continue»
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My So Called Sex Life - Part II

My So Called Sex Life - Part II
An authorized biographical trip through one woman's experiences and fantasies
by DizzyD

Forward by 'Lexi'

Hi again, it's the real 'Lexi'. I am so sorry to all of you, and especially to my love DizzyD for not allowing him to post Part II of my story until now. I know most of you heard about the bastard who thought it was cool to plagiarize Dizzy's beautifully written story about me and post it to another site. Well after a long fight by my favorite storyteller, it has finally been removed, and all the legal bullshit settled. I have to ad... Continue»
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Annette by request

When I was in the 4th year I did part time jobs to keep afloat taking on just about anything going. I was mowing someone’s lawn one day when a head looked over the fence and this woman asked me if I could do hers. Of course I could! I told her I’d call round when I’d finished. I carried on with the work and when I’d finished I put everything away, collected my money and went next door. I rang the bell and waited and eventually she came out apologising for making me wait but she was just going out and asked if I could start on her lawn and she’s be back soon before I finished. I was OK with th... Continue»
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I seduced my step b*****r

My name is Chrystal I'm 24. I've heard people call me tall & lanky. I'm on the taller side at 5' 8” I have 34C's a 25” waist & 36” hips. Dark hair & dark eyes.

I came home and caught my boyfriend fucking our neighbor on our kitchen table. I grabbed a few things mostly underwear and headed out the door.
I though of going back home with my parents was dreadful. That left my b*****r. He lived downtown in a converted loft low rise. I'll head there.
I got to his condo, rang the bell. Thank goodness he was home. Hi Johnny. Chrissy what brings you way over here? I caught Jeff fucking our neighbo... Continue»
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Mrs. Harrison Can Teach Everything

Mrs. Harrison was my ninth grade English teacher. She was an older lady with a stunning figure. I think she was close to fifty. She had auburn hair about shoulder length. She was always wearing a skirt and stockings. Her legs were very sexy. She also filled out her blouses quite nicely. She was hot enough to keep me distracted with fantasies of her naked. At the time I was still a virgin and had never even seen a woman naked before. I always wondered what she would look like nude.
On Fridays we always had a quiz. I had been involved with the golf team and that week we had three tour... Continue»
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I caught my Mom

The day had started out like any other, I crawled out of bed at the very last minute that I could and still have time to get dressed and be on my way to school. I made a quick cup of coffee, thank God for the Keurig machine, and grabbed a granola bar then out the door I flew. The ride to school was about seven miles, three and a half to the bridge and then three and a half to the school. It was less than a mile from my house if I had a boat, but that wasn't going to happen.
As I got to the bridge that connected Ormond By The Sea with Ormond Beach I could already see the line of cars, damnit, ... Continue»
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My best friend mom

I was just out of high school when it happened. I stopped by Brian's to see if he wanted to go fishing. I knocked but no one answered. It wasn't unusual for me to walk on in and head up to Brian's room if no one answered so that's what I did. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw a light coming from his mom's room. I was going to head on past to Brian's room but something made me stop in the hall outside her room. The door was open just enough for me to see inside.

I know it was wrong but I had never seen a woman anywhere near naked and here stood his mom. It looked like she just got out... Continue»
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I love you, s*s PRT2

The early morning dawn began to weakly filter into the window of the single bedroom of Karen's apartment. On a normal weekday, Charles would have been up at least an hour ago. Even on the weekend, he was often up before sunrise, more from f***e of habit than any other reason.

But today, habit was the farthest thing from the reality of the situation. For Charles, sl**ping later than normal was one thing. But waking up in his s****r's bed, with both of them naked after their taboo sex session the night before, was about the farthest away from normal you could get.

As he began to clear the ... Continue»
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My Girlfriends s****r

Brad tried not to stare. And failed miserably. How come Lindsey didn’t see it? Kayla was basically putting on a show.
The skimpiest red bikini she could’ve found was what she was wearing and she often bent over instead of crouching, she laughed, shaking her shoulders a little too much, making her generous breasts (even bigger than Lindsey’s, which was saying something), her curvier ass swaying more than what was necessary. But Lindsey didn’t see it. She swore her younger s****r was the same girl from eight years ago and not a young, voluptuous woman putting on a show for the man lounging in t... Continue»
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College Grils next door

I live in a very nice neighborhood that is close to the local university. Last year my next door neighbor died peacefully in his home and his house was quickly sold to some investor who did a quick renovation and then quickly slapped a student rooms for rent sign on the front lawn. At first I was pissed of because the last thing I wanted was a bunch of d***k idiot college k**s partying all night. I was pleasantly surprised when I was 3 very attractive girls move in. There was a very curvy blonde, a super sexy redhead, and a gorgeous half Caucasian - half Asian. The guy that owned the hou... Continue»
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My Daughter

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time. It was already 7:00. Damn, what was she doing back there?

The Christmas Eve party started at 8:00. Not that it was really important to be there on time. In fact, the way these parties usually went, it really didn't get started until an hour or so later. But I didn't like to be late. I guess that was something my parents had ingrained in me. And even though I knew how the game was played, I at least tried to play by the rules.

I really didn't want to go to this party anyway, but in my profession, you have to schmooze with the big money... Continue»
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found the perfect boy to make my wife

After a long and exhaustive search, I have finally found the perfect boy to make my wife.

He is as pretty as any girl I've seen, with unblemished, milky-white flesh, pouty lips, and a round, little bubble-butt that gets me hard whenever I picture bending him over and ramming home my seven-incher. I just know he'll take to my cock like a fish to water.

He is painfully shy to the extent he has difficulties meeting girls his age. He lives alone, rarely dates, and has a mild, submissive temperament. I am positive that once properly trained, he will bring me years of companionship and an inf... Continue»
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Always listen to daddy

I have a fantasy about us. I sit on the opposite end of your couch as the movie begins to play. You smirk and roll your eyes at me. “Come here and sit on my lap, baby doll. Daddy wants you close.” I giggle and shake my head. You heave a sign, “Don’t make daddy come get you. Come here.” I look at the TV and pretend to be fascinated by whatever is happening on the screen. “Alright then,” you say as you pounce, grabbing my legs and dragging me to you. I gasp as you turn me on my side and slap my ass.
“When daddy says he wants you, you come. Understand?”
“Yes, daddy,” I peep sheepishly.
You ... Continue»
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Naughty Aunt

Recently, I received a text from my aunt asking me to come visit to give her a hand with something at the beginning of the week. I never really liked going over there by myself because i had a bit of a crush on this aunt, but i was pretty sure that she wasnt fond of me. This aunt of mine isnt a bl**d relative. She is married to my mother's b*****r. Katherine is her name but everyone calls her Kathy. Of course i told her i could help f****y anytime.
Kathy is 47 year old red head, who looks like she could be in her late 30's. She is very fit looking with a beautiful, tight bum and some incred... Continue»
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Car pick up leads to sex

I knew the blonde outside the supermarket by sight as she lived in our road and we exchanged greetings. She was queuing for the taxi at our supermarket. Three big bags were by her. I caught her eye. "Lift?"

"Great. Thanks".

"Dump your stuff on the back seat", I said getting in to the front.

She did and threw in her coat too , opened the door, got in and fastened the seat belt. As I slipped into gear I saw her mini-skirt hidden under her coat had ridden up to expose about a foot of thigh in silky black tights.
As we drove off my eyes kept dropping to her thighs.

"Not getting enough... Continue»
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Taking Stepdaghter's Christian friend Samanth

Claire has been friends with Samantha, a Christian and a volleyball player, since elementary school. They have been in volleyball camp together every summer, on league teams together. I've seen Sam in volleyball shorts a million times, watched her bubble butt stretch those shorts from pancake flat to full round over the years. She has dark brown hair and eyes and pale skin, imaculately groomed. She wears the same outfit at least once a week religiously, it makes her feel pretty: v-neck red sweater with a little gold cross resting in her cleavage, black tights that show a fantastically firm rou... Continue»
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Brenda my neighbour

This is the story of when I was 18 I'd never had sex before until this one special day.
Brenda lived next door she was married and they seemed like a normal couple she was about 40 years old she was quite chubby with big tits, I'd never really noticed her in a sexual way before she was quite conservative in her dress and she was older than me.
It was on one summers day it was quite hot I was in the garden and Brenda came out into her garden she said hello how are you as she always did I said I was a bit bored to be honest and she replied that she was too as her husband was working away fo... Continue»
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I meet with Denise and we.......

Denise is a neighbor in my development and lives several houses up from me. She's married and has two high school age k**s, a son and a daughter. I've met her husband a number times and he seems like a really nice guy. He's on the shy side, so whenever we meet (usually walking the dogs) she does most of the talking. Her husband has a good job in the finance industry which due to a recent promotion has him traveling out of the area a couple times a month.

Denise is one of those women that actually gets better looking with age. We met probably 15 years ago and though attractive and vivacio... Continue»
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Shy, plain-looking—but kinky!—nurse

Several years ago I had an on-and-off affair with a not-especially-attractive nurse. Frankly, she was not a woman I would ordinarily have given much notice to, in terms of wanting to have sex with her, but she was a nice person, and someone I was friends with before things turned sexual between us. And it took awhile for that to happen. She was divorced, I was married. Because of my situation she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to get into anything with me, but she had not had a man for a long time and my marriage was largely sexless. So, since we were both starved for sex, and liked each other,... Continue»
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Barebacking at the bookstore

After a few visits to the adult bookstore I work up the nerve and head back to the booths. I'd seen online to come prepared so I had my balls and ass smooth hoping to entice some daddy dick. Lube in pocket with my butt plug up my ass I found three occupied booths. I knocked on the first door, no answer. Second booth had two younger guys inside jerking each other off. They invited me in but they were not what i was looking for so I declined. Almost loosing hope I knocked on the last booth's door. The door opened and there he was. An older man easily 50+ with a big belly.

Looking over his sh... Continue»
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My Cousin

My parents were going through a bitter divorce and I had been sent to my Aunt and Uncles house to get me out the way. I didn't mind because my Aunt and Uncle had a huge house out in the country and my cousin was about my age and we got along well so I would have someone to talk to.

My mum drove me up to the drive of the house, the gates opened automatically and we drove up the long tree lined drive, it was visiting this house that had caused my b*****r to go into investment banking just like our uncle who was 40 and had been retired for 5 years.

We drove past the pool with a diving ... Continue»
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catching my husband

It was a Saturday evening after supper my daughter had fallen asl**p next to us on the bed. I picked her up to take her to her to her room when my husband said he was going to shower. I tugged my daughter in and then went back to our room. I started going through the channels on the tv to find something for my husband and I to watch. After finding something I decided I would quickly join my husband in the shower.
On walking into the bathroom I found him with his cock hard and busy jerking himself off.
I jokingly asked him if I'm not good enough for him and more?
He replied, that I most d... Continue»
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I Didn't Think They Could Hear Me

It was summer time. The weather was warm and we had all our windows open. I could hear workers outside putting on a new roof for my neighbor's house. I happened to have a day off and everyone else in the house had to work. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to fuck my ass. I had been using a dildo on my ass while masturbating for years now, but no one knew. I pulled my suction cup dildo, about six inches insertable, about an inch and a half thick. I suctioned it to the ground, lubed it up and got on top. I had my computer in front of me with porn playing. I wasn't even hard yet, but I started r... Continue»
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Mistaken Identity

Cathy was happy to get checked into the hotel after a long day's journey. Life has been hard for her since her husband told her he was bored and wanted a divorce. Somehow she had never thought at thirty two she would be on her own again. Now that her divorce was final she decided to go to the beach for a week and try to think of what to do next. Her now x-husband was rather blunt with her about how boring she was in bed. Cathy had been raised by her conservative mother who was certain that sex was dangerous and a lady should be careful least she become a slut. Now here she was and she wondered... Continue»
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My name is Simon I am 26 average build and 6Ft and my wife Jenna is 24, she has gorgeous auburn hair great legs and nice and a curvaceous size 12 with 36E tits. We had been married two years and recently moved into a nice three bedroom bungalow in a neighbouring town. My best mate Tom was great helping us decorate and move in and even stopped over a few w/ends giving up his time to help us get sorted.
Jenna liked Tom they got on well together, when we were at parties and the like Tom would tease her and there was a lot of innuendo but far from anything inappropr... Continue»
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First Time Fuck With Best Friend


This happened with my best friend and I. We had just graduated high school and I was moving a few weeks later. So one of my best friends asked me to spend the night at his place since we weren't going to see each other for a while once I moved. I set up my sl**ping bag next to his bed and we were talking. It was probably around midnight and his annoying conservative extremely religious parents had finally gone to sl**p. We were reminiscing about our years at high school and talking about all the girls we fucked when he asked me if I've ever fucked a guy before. I was ki... Continue»
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Birthday Present

This is a story of me having a blowjob and fuck session with one of my girl's younger b*****r. This story is related to the video I uploaded. The video is him fucking me doggy style and playing with my thong. Hope you guys like it. SMILES.

"Honey! I'm leaving!" I shouted to hubby as I walked out the door. Hubby is going to stay home with the k**s while I have a long day to attend to. First, I have to go to the store and buy some groceries and supplies because I am helping my friends host a baby shower. After the baby shower, I have a k**'s birthday party to attend. Then, I'm going to end my... Continue»
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I love you, s*s PRT1

The alarm screeched out its wake-up call, its piercing tone destroying the early morning silence. It continued to wail until a hand reached out from under the covers of the king-sized bed and slammed down on top of it, activating the snooze feature and silencing it for 10 minutes. This allowed Charles to go back to his dream, one in which he was very familiar.

He and his wife Jessica were locked in a heated embrace, both naked, laying tightly next to each other on the bed, kissing as if it was their first time. Charles ran his left hand slowly down his beautiful wife's back, eliciting a de... Continue»
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My New Best Friend Bianca

I'm a twenty eight year old white female, five foot
nine inches tall, a thirty four C, twenty three thirty
five figure, Blonde and working in a bank and am
still single, although I've had my share of fucked up
relationships. I just can't seem to get what I need out
of a relationship from any of the men I've dated, so I
am the last of my girlfriends that is still single.

We had our usual Girlie parties and hear who is to
get married, at our usual favorite haunt and I met a
girl who I had seen there other times I had been there
and we struck up a conversation. She was a v... Continue»
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Teaching the pool boy


Spencer was back home in his sl**py little town from his first year of college, moving back in with his parents for the summer while not taking any classes. He found himself mesmerized at the small quiet little town he'd grown up it, it was a far cry from the major city his college town had become; but it was home none the less.

It had been an interesting and eye opening first year for Spencer, he had always assumed that he would go to college, meet a bunch of girls and have a lot of sex. Unfortunately for him he learned very quickly that freshman, espec... Continue»
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Black Doctor Part II

When my wife came home from visiting her new black Dr. she was very flush and had a big smile on her face.I asked her how her physical went and she said very well and said she was in very good health except for suffering from sexual frustration and he had a very good treatment for that. I asked her what that was and she told me to come into the bedroom she would tell me all about it. She said she told him about my E.D. and he understood and knew how frustrating that must be for her and how he would like to give her sexual stimulation treatments on a regular basis. I don't often get hard anymor... Continue»
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Getting caught stealing blows for Becky

Becky couldn't believe she had gotten caught. She had been so sure that the clerk wouldn't notice her sneaking the vibrator out of the store in her purse, after all it had been pretty dark in there. She couldn't believe she had been so stupid, she should have just come back when she had her wallet, then none of this would be happening.

The door behind her locked with a click. He had offered her a choice, she could pay for what she had taken, or he could call the cops and have her arrested. She explained that she would be more than happy to pay if he would let her go home and get her wallet,... Continue»
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This was a dream I had when I was younger or was i

I have always been a very light sl**per and would wake up to the slightest sound until I knew what it was and then my subconscious would allow me to go back to sl**p.
On many occasions I would not get back to sl**p when I heard my mum and dad having sex. At first I was frightened to get up and go and see what they were doing, as some of the floorboards would squeak. Over time I found the route to their room without them making a sound and every time I went to the toilet I would practice the steps from my bedroom so that I would not be heard.
Over a few months I got braver with every step I m... Continue»
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Grandmother In-law Is Horny

It all started eleven months ago when my wife's 75 year old grandmother came to visit during Christmas vacation. Gramma was given the middle bedroom. I was taking a few days off and got up late to find my wife and older c***dren had left for work and school. I sat down to a quiet house and a hot cup of coffee, when Gramma came out to the kitchen. She was wearing her robe over her pajamas.
She sat down with me and we made small talk about the weather and the upcoming holiday. Thirty minutes past and I told her I had to check on the a****ls. She stated she was going to change into her cloth... Continue»
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My Mommy is the best in the World

I dont know how many of you love i****t or have tried it out..but for those who have had a chance to try it out..i should say its awesome..its the best thing you could do on earth before you could hit the grave.So here is my one time true experience with my mom...

My mom is one of those typical Indian women who always d****d themselves in the traditional saree and there is nothing better an Indian woman can wear.My mom was the average kind of woman..not too fat but not on the skinny side either.Her breasts were of 38D nice wide hips and long legs.Her wheatish skin was always a complement to... Continue»
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Taste Of Glory

On the ride up northbound Interstate 95 from South Carolina to North Carolina you will come up on a club called “Exotic Angels”. “Exotic Angels” bills themselves as the “The one stop shop for all your Adult Toys and Entertainment needs.”

Now “Exotic Angels” is a business like any other. They need to advertise in order to bring in customers. The only problem is that they do it through the use of billboards that start showing up about 20 miles before the exit. I don’t blame them for this, it’s a good business decision to let the millions of people that travel up and down Interstate 95 k... Continue»
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First buttfuck

Mine was when I was in the military. I was stationed overseas and went on a recreation center sponsored tour. Since I was alone recovering from a breakup with a girlfriend, I was assigned a roommate in the hotel we stayed.

He was a 60 something Red Cross psychologist and I was 25. That evening in the room, I didn't really feel like talking, but he did. He offered me a glass of Johnny Walker Black and soon was paying me really nice compliments on my looks, my physique, and even my voice. I had played around with guys in school, but that went little further than jerking off together. However,... Continue»
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Wrong Place, Right Time Blacken Gay

There is a popular saying: wrong place, wrong time.

And for a moment or two that was definitely me.

I was waiting for my son to finish football practice when I suddenly had to take a piss really badly. I rushed across the street to the gas station, headed directly to the washroom, struggled to get my cock out in time (barely made it) and immediately started jetting my piss into the urinal.

There's the odd time when taking a piss feels so good; it's always when you can barely hold it in, and God, did this time feel good.

Once I was done, I zipped up and had just finished washing my ... Continue»
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